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Rolling Stock

The railway is home to a number of items of rolling stock, ranging from a 19th century North Eastern Railway observation saloon to an on-track Atlas 360 excavator. Here you will find information of items owned by or on loan to the railway.



Hudswell Clarke & Co 0-6-0T - Richboro'

This privately owned Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0T was built in 1917 for the Port of London Authority and named Richboro, although it was delivered to the Director of Inland Waterways and Docks. It was sold to W Craig & Sons, Ifton Colliery, Salop in 1926 and transferred to the National Coal Board Jan 1947. After storage at Gresham Colliery it moved to Llangollen where it stood outside the Dapol factory for a number of years. It was sold to Mick Fairnington at Wooler where it was restored before going to the B'oness and Kinneil Railway in Scotland for a short period. It is now the railway's mainstay for steam services..

Hudswell Clarke Richboro


Hawthorne Leslie 0-4-0ST - Penicuik

Penicuik was built in 1935 by Hawthorn Leslie with Works Number 3799. It was bought by Alexander Cowan & Sons for use in their paper mill at Penicuik, near Edinburgh.
The loco was originally painted in lined royal blue but did not carry a name. During its time at the mill, it was converted from coal to oil-fired.
On closure of the mill the loco was purchased for a private collection based at Lytham St Annes. A member of the Aln valley Railway later bought Penicuik, the name by which it was now known, and it was moved into the original station building in Alnwick next to Barter Books. An enforced move saw it relocate to Wooler where it stood outside for a number of years, its condition deteriorating due to the effects of the weather.
It is now under cover at Lionheart where it will be cosmetically restored in the short term.





Drewry 0-6-0DM 'Drax'

An industrial version of a BR class 04, it was built for the Central Electricity Generating Board and spent all its working life at Aberthaw power station in Wales before moving to the former Barlow Royal Ordnance Depot in Yorkshire, now part of the Drax Power Station complex, as a static exhibit. In 2009 it was donated to the AVR by Drax Power Ltd along with two wagons.
Built at Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns of Darlington as Works No 8199 in 1963. Weight 32 tons. Gardner 8L3 engine of 204HP. Fitted with Vacuum brakes. It is currently in working order and is often used on our Driver Experience Rides.

Drewry Drax


Andrew Barclay 615

Ex British Coal UK 0-6-0 Diesel Hydraulic. Works No 6719 was built at Andrew Barclays at Kilmarnock in 1977 as one of a batch of 20 locos for the NCB and first worked at Bates colliery at Blyth. It continued to work in various colliery locations in the North East including Whittle Colliery near Alnwick. It has a Rolls Royce engine of 450HP and air brakes. Weight 52 tons. Sold to RJB after 1988 and then to present owner being delivered to the Tanfield Railway in 2005. After some time at the Ribble Steam Railway and taking part at ‘Railfest 2012’ at the NRM York, it came to Alnwick on long term loan. Painted in NCB blue.

615 Andrew Barclay


BR Class 11 - 12088 'Shirley'

Ex. BR English Electric 0-6-0 Diesel Electric 350HP Shunter. No 12088 Built at British Railways at Derby in 1951. Design commissioned by Ivatt of the LMS in 1945. 120 produced. Weight 48.2 tons. Maximum speed 20 mph. Vacuum brakes. Purchased privately in 2012 from Johnsons (Chopwell) Ltd from Butterwell Disposal Point (Northumberland) thanks to the generosity of the company, and will be donated to the AVR in the future. Is currently undergoing restoration.

Class 11 Shirley


Ruston and Hornsby 48DS 0-4-0 - 265617

On long term loan to the Aln Valley Railway. Currently undergoing long term restoration.

This locomotive was built by Ruston & Hornsby and outshopped with works number 265617. The 7 ton locomotive is powered by a 48hp water cooled 4 cylinder Ruston 4VRHL diesel engine. This carries the number S518258 (or 5518258) which must be a replacement as the original was 259379. The engine drives the 4 wheels through a 3 speed gearbox and drive chain to a maximum speed of 10 mph. It is equipped with only hand brakes. It was delivered new to Blackett, Hutton & Co.'s Foundry at Guisborough in 1948. There it was used to haul a single ladle wagon of molten steel from the furnace to the foundry.

Ruston DS48 at Longhoughton Ruston DS48 at Wooler undergoing restoration


Ruston and Hornsby 165DE 0-4-0 - L2

This privately owned locomotive was built at the Boultham Works of Ruston & Hornsby Ltd, Lincoln in 1952. It is powered by a 155hp water cooled straight-six cylindered Ruston 6VPHL diesel engine driving an electric generator. This turn powers a traction motor connected to a double reduction gearbox to the wheels. The engine is air start, with 300psi normally supplied by a 6ps vertical starter. The locomotive weighs around 30ton and is capable of a maximum speed of approx 20 mph.

It spent most of its working life at Castle Cement in Middlesbrough after which it was purchased by its present owner and moved to the Tanfield Railway. In 2007 it relocated to Longhoughton Goods Yard where it received minor cosmetic work and was discovered to have excessive wear on one of the axles, having been operated for some time with a seized bearing, when many years of cement dust was chipped away revealing the extent of the damage.

It is now positioned on a short length of track in the car park at Lionheart until the work on the axle can be rectified.

Ruston at Longhoughton




BR Mark 1 - E35072

BR Mark 1 No E35072 Brake Second Corridor (BSK). Built by Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company in 1957. Weight 34 tonnes. Bought 1987 by the Paignton and Dartmouth Railway and used on the ‘Riviera Belle' from 1992. Sold in 2006 for use on the Weardale Railway then to Gordon Hall in 2013 for use on the AVR. The bodywork has been extensively replaced at Rail Restorations (North East) Shildon and running gear overhauled. Painted in BR maroon and cream with coach lines and BR crests.



BR Mark 1 - 25020

Ex British Railways Mark 1 SK (second class corridor/compartment coach) built at Derby Works in 1956 to Lot 30208 and numbered 25020.It spent most of its working life on the Eastern Region before it was transferred to the Western Region where it was sold off during the late 1970's. The 80's saw it being used on the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Steam Railway after which it was stored out of use until it was purchased for the AVR by a group of AVR members in 2012.

mk1 sk 350px


The coach has undergone considerable renovation and is now in revenue earning service. The photos below compare the 'then and now' of one of the compartments.


seats then and now



BR Mark 1 - 24576

Ex British Railways Mark 1 SK (second class corridor/compartment coach) built at Birmingham RC&W Ltd in 1953 to lot number 30057. It later carried departmental number ADB977189. In 1990 went to the Northampton and Lamport Railway and then to the Telford Steam Railway in 2001. In arrived at the AVR in early 2016 and is awaiting restoration.

telford coach 350px

BR Mark 1 - E35362

This coach entered service with British Railways Eastern Region in January 1963. After withdrawal in 1983 it became a Support Coach for the National Railway Museum, receiving the TOPS number of 99950. In 2001 it became Education Service Coach 1 and kept at York, the original seating and fittings being removed. 

In 2014 it was sold to a member of the Aln Valley Railway and has undergone some internal refurbishment. It contains moveable tables and seating and is used for meetings and events.

york coach 350px



North Eastern Railway No 41 Officers Saloon

1896 North Eastern Railway wooden bodied 6 wheeled coach. Originally numbered "41", built at the NER York Carriage Works for use of the officials of the railway company. Length 32ft. Fitted with galley area and open veranda. It spent time on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway (appearing briefly in the original production of 'The Railway Children') until around 1975 when it saw use on the Embsay and Bolton Abbey Railway. It was taken out of service in 1987 moving to Buxton then Matlock in 1991 and Tanfield in 1993. In need of restoration work and re-painting. Painted in NER deep crimson. Currently undergoing extensive restoration. Privately owned on long term loan to the AVR.

NER saloon external


NER Saloon internal


BR Mark 2 - 14122 and 33506

The railway owns two ex-BR coaches, a 1966 Mk2 Open Second Class, no 14122, vacuum braked with 64 seats and a 1969 Mk2c Brake First Corridor, no 33506, dual braked with 24 seats. They were purchased from the North Tyneside Railway in 1997 and were stored there until 2007 when the railway acquired the use of Longhoughton Goods Yard. Unfortunately in the intervening years, the local hoodlums took great delight in repainting the coaches and smashing all the windows. Most windows have now been replaced and the coaches made watertight. 33506 is used for the Carriage and Wagon Department's Bring and Buy shop and 14122 for storage.

mk2s platform-350px


BR CCT - E94606

This Covered Carriage Truck (CCT) was built in 1960. It was allocated to the Eastern Region and finally withdrawn in October 1982. It was purchased by Railway Vehicle Preservations and was stored at Swithland until purchased by an Aln Valley Railway member. It is privately owned and is awaiting restoration.

cct 350px



Dogfish Ballast Wagons

Two Dogfish ballast wagons are kept at the railway. DB992819 was built by Chas Roberts at Wakefield in 1956 and DB993406 was built by Metro Cammell at Birmingham in 1957. Both weigh 24 tons and are in full working condition. All metal construction with drop doors controlled from one end of wagon, and fitted with Timkin roller bearings. Purchased by an AVR Trust member from the Weardale Railway in 2012, they have been donated to the railway.

Dogfish ballast wagons


BR 60' Bogie Flat

Ex BR 60' bogie flat wagon. This is part of the stock donated to the AVR by Drax Power Ltd. The running gear is in excellent condition, having received a major overhaul shortly before being withdrawn from traffic.

drax bogie wagon wooler-BCunningham


‘Shark’ Ballast Brake Van - DB993819

Ex LMS goods brake van (original build date not known) converted by British Railways to a ballast brake van in 1956. Vacuum braked and fitted with ploughs under the buffer beams at both ends, which can be raised and lowered to push dropped ballast into place on the track. Can also double as a snow plough for moderate amounts! Usually worked in conjunction with ‘Dogfish’ or similar ballast wagons by following the dropped ballast. Weight 20 tons. Has undergone extensive refurbishment and has been painted in departmental green and given the name 'Olive'.

shark olive 350px


16t Covered Van

This is the third item donated to the AVR by Drax Power Ltd. This 16t van has now been repainted, minor repairs made and is ready for traffic. The van is equipped with both vacuum and air brakes. Currently located on a private site at Wooler.

Drax 16t van being delivered at Wooler


Ex-MOD Flat Wagons

The AVR own two ex-MOD 4 wheeled flat wagons, nos 40299 and 40344. One is at Lionheart, the other at Wooler. They are hand braked only.

MOD Flat at Wooler


MoD Flat at Lionheart


Replica North Eastern Brake Van

Built upon a redundant 16t van chassis, this replica NE brake van was constructed by Mick Fairnington at Wooler for the AVR. It is equipped with vacuum and manual brake controls and will be used for carrying passengers over short distances.

NE Brake Van Frame NE Brake Van Progress NE Brake Van complete


BR 20t Brake Van - B954782

Purchased from the Spa Valley Railway, this privately owned 20t brake van built in 1959 will be restored to full working order for use on the railway. Currently at a private site at Wooler.

AVR Wooler BR Brake Van


Covered Van

Ex-Blue Circle pallet van No. APCM6275. Acquired by the railway from the Durham Locomotive Preservation Group based at Wolsingham. Houses a Lister deisel generator supplying power to the station.

blue circle wagon 350px

Macaw B - B900604

This is a converted Swindon built Macaw B bogie bolster wagon, originally 50 ft long with a tare weight of 16.5 tonnes. It was in BR service until sometime in the 1970s and then went to BSC Corby. In 1982 it moved to the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre at Quainton Road, then to the North Norfolk Railway in 2010. A year later it was at the Beamish North of England Open Air Museum where it was modified to its current ‘well’ style for carrying an ice rink chiller unit.

In its present form it very much resembles a 35 ton bogie trolley – known as a Flatrol, Diagram 2/518, of which only one was built. It now measures 39’ 6” over buffers.

macaw 350px



Atlas 360 Excavator Road Railer

Capable travelling along the rails as well as on normal surfaces.

Altas in rail mode


Wickham Trolley and Trailer

Wickham Type 27A Mark IV semi open was built at Wickhams at Ware as works No 10648 in 1973. Over 600 of these lightweight personal carriers were built from 1945 in both standard gauge and narrow gauge variations. They were used by BR and the MOD. At first 2 cylinder air cooled JAP engines were fitted but later examples, including ours, had Ford 100E petrol engines fitted as used in their Anglia car. It was delivered to BR (Eastern Region) Civil Engineers at Stanningley, Leeds. Donated to the AVR by one of the railway infrastructure companies.

Wickham Trailer. The trailer is a personnel carrier built from a Type 17A semi open trolley as works No 4986 in 1949 for BR (Western Region) at Wickhams Works at Shrewsbury.

wickham trolley

Coles Crane - 23562

Built in 1961 by Coles Cranes of Sunderland, was purchased by the National Coal Board for use at Ashington, Northumberland. It was later transferred to Ellington Colliery, then sold in 1988 to Alcan UK and based at Lynemouth Power Station. In 2016 it was kindly donated by Alcan to the Aln Valley Railway and it arrived at Lionheart on 9th August 2016.

coles crane 350px

Permaquip Muscleman

The Muscleman is a self propelling vehicle used to lift and slew the track from side to side..

Permaquip Muscleman-BCunningham-350px


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