Cawledge Viaduct Appeal Phase 2 – Bricks & Pieces

Help us to save the world’s oldest masonry heritage railway viaduct!

The first stage of the Cawledge viaduct repair work was to complete the waterproofing. Thanks to our supporters generosity the required £100,000 to complete this work was raised (and pledged). 

Having completed the Phase 1 waterproofing repairs that will prevent further rainwater damage, Phase 2 will cover the repair of existing damage to the structure.

Designed by Robert Stephenson, work started in 1848 and took two years to complete.

Time and the weather has taken its toll on the structure and repair work must be started now to allow us to continue to use it for the future.

Completing the repair work of the viaduct is costly, which is why we split this into two separate fundraising campaigns. We were overwhelmed by the generosity of our supporters in Phase 1 and are now seeking to raise £150,000 to complete the vital repair work. 

Vital Statistics

  • Age: 172 years
  • Max height: 23 metres
  • Length: 123 metres
  • Six piers topped with shallow arches with a rise of 4.3 metres
  • Seven spans of 13.7 metres
  • Built of sandstone, with brick arches and low parapets topped with tubular fence rails sitting in cast iron posts

Phase 2

Currently the estimate for Phase 2 works is £150,000, this will allow the contractors to:

  • Provide full rope access to affected arches, keeping the footpath open to the public
  • Replace missing brickwork to arches
  • Repair/re-point damaged brickwork to arches
  • Remove all vegetation from structure
  • Re-point/make safe damaged pattress plates
  • Provide artificial replacement crevices for bats to roost in.

Prior to commencing these works we also need to investigate if there is sufficient rope access to the viaduct and also to ensure it is safe and legal to do so. Individual crevices have to be checked for bats, which must be removed by hand if necessary, before replacing any brickwork. This requires qualifed staff and is a time consuming task but legally required. We have assessed the number of bricks to replace from 20 metres below, but this of course may alter once rope access enables close up inspections. The final expenditure is thus difficult to predict, but rest assured our aim is to make this wonderful 172 year old viaduct safe and strong well into its third century!

Supporters can choose to sponsor any of the following packages:

  • Bronze – Brick Repair/Replacement – £50. You will have your initials on our viaduct display at Lionheart Station.
  • Silver – Voussoir Repair – £120. You will have your full name on our viaduct display at Lionheart Station.
  • Gold – Springerstones/keystones Repair – £400. You will have your full name on our viaduct display at Lionheart Station. You will also receive a guided tour of Cawledge Viaduct by our Civil Engineers.
  • Platinum – Pier/Abutment Repair – £1,000. You will have your full name on our viaduct display at Lionheart Station. You will also receive a guided tour of Cawledge Viaduct by our Civil Engineers as well as your name being placed on a plaque on Cawledge Viaduct.

Please note, names will be displayed once the fundraising appeal for Phase 2 is closed.

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